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Ascent King Pierce of MacLan's

King Pierce was the founding father of our cattery. Pierce was imported from Tula, Russia in 2018, and he remains a personal pet in our home since his retirement in 2021.

King Pierce has completed genetic testing and echocardiogram. Pierce had a repeat HCM scan in 2023, and remains free of heart disease. Copies of these results will be provided to approved applicants upon request.

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Allegiance Love Merit

Merit is our newest addition to the King line up and we are so excited for all he has to offer!

Merit was imported from Bulgaria and boasts beautiful polydactyl paws, a plush coat, excellent size and the longest tail in the house!

Merit has passed his echocardiogram, hip examination with OFA preliminary grading and genetic testing.

IMG_4440 (1).jpg
Meet Our Kings: About

GentlePaws Prince Shaw PP

Prince Shaw was the second king we added to our cattery. Shaw was imported from France in 2019. He was the start of our love for bright silvers and polydactyl paws!

Prince Shaw has completed genetic testing, echocardiogram and preliminary OFA hip grading. Copies provided to approved applicants upon request.

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Gattacamoon Easy to Love

Gattacamoon Easy to Love was born in 2020 and came to us in early 2021 from Slovakia. Easy is such a lover, hence the name, and has added such a sweet disposition to his kittens. We are so pleased with the structure he has added to our breeding program and very excited to see what improvements we continue making with his addition.

Easy is genetically clear, as well as echocardiogram and hip screening. Copies available to approved applicants upon request.

Easy to Love retired in April 2024 and will live out the rest of his life as a beloved pet.

Meet Our Kings: About
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