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NuVet Supplement

I’m beyond grateful that you’re interested in improving your pets health! I wanted to share some information with you about nutrition because what you feed your kitten will determine how healthy they are, how long they live, and their quality of life overall.

The first thing you need is a high quality pet food, and there are several good choices available. We trust you to make the right choice, but the first ingredient should always be a type of meat, followed by other high-quality ingredients. In addition to a good quality cat food, we also recommend for all of our pet families to supplement their kitten with NuVet Plus Feline.

One of the least known facts about all kibble foods is that they are often heat processed as one of the manufacturing steps. Heat destroys nutrients, and can lower the nutritional value of even the best foods out there. This is why supplementation is just as important as a good quality food.

NuVet Plus fills in nutritional voids while supporting a healthy immune system. I use it with my own cats because I see a noticeable difference in softer, shinier coats, better digestion, better energy, and ultimately, a better quality of life for our cats. NuVet is made with human-grade ingredients and cold-pressed to retain 100% nutritional value.

We highly encourage all of our pet parents to order NuVet Plus before they pick up their kitten because you are going to have a lot on your plate when you get your little one home (snuggling, playing, and more). They have been eating this supplement mixed into their wet food since they were 4 weeks old- please don't discontinue this wonderful supplement to their diet.

Since we are partners with NuVet Labs, our kitten parents are all able to order directly from the manufacturer, just like we do. This keeps the cost down and maintains the integrity of every batch. In fact, in 25 years, they haven’t had a single batch recall.  

You can click the link below to order now or call them toll free at 800.474.7044 and provide them with order code 719181.

Please note that while some believe this is an MLM, I do not have anyone selling under me, I truly love the product and pay for the product to feed all of our cats. I would never recommend a product just to earn a commission, which not much in this case. I have tried several products and found NuVet Plus Feline powder to be the absolute best!

NuVet Labs Supplements: Welcome
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