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You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Where are you located?

I get this question most frequently! We are located in central Kentucky in Lincoln County.

Do you have any available kittens?

I would say this is the second most common question. Our process will soon be changing. We are going from a paid waitlist to NO waitlist. What does this mean? Moving forward, once our current waitlist has chosen their baby, we will post updates of all kittens bi-weekly from 6 weeks on. We will also likely post several extra updates between as early as birth! Once kittens have been vet checked and no health issues noted, we will then announce the date we plan to accept applications. The application will be linked in our forms tab. We will accept applications on kittens and pair them with the best choice for their personality.

How much do kittens cost?

Kittens currently range between $2,000-3,000, with $2,500 being the most common price. I will price them based on quality, health and temper; not gender or color. The price of the kittens will be determined when they are available to be reserved at 6-8 weeks of age. If you want to check on the price of a specific kitten before applying, please do so via Facebook messenger.

What is included in the price of our kitten?

Great, and important question! Kittens will have three vet visits with age-appropriate vaccinations when they come home. Kittens will also be altered (spay or neuter) and completely healed.

Microchips will be completed at the time of their alter appointment. You will be listed as the primary contact and we will be listed as secondary contact- NO EXCEPTIONS.

FeLV/FIV test done for one littermate. We are a FeLV/FIV clear cattery.

All parents are genetically clear, have had heart and hip screenings with favorable findings. Be sure your breeder has done these! MC are predisposed to have heart and hip disease.

Kittens will come with a health record that is important to take to all vet appointments. This record lists all vaccinations that they have received as well as other important health notes. 

Kittens will come with a breeder slip where your kitten can be registered to your name with The International Cat Association (TICA) using your own name choice.

Kittens will also come home with a goody bag with toys, sample food and a smelly litter blanket to help with the transition.

When can my kitten come home?

Kittens will have their alter appointment at 12-14 weeks and will come home after healing, which is typically around 16 weeks of age. Maine Coons are a slower maturing breed and need the added time to receive all age-appropriate vaccinations as well as socialization from their mothers.

Where and when can I pick my kitten up?

We will drive up to one hour from our home, free of charge, in any direction to meet you on go home day. If we all agree and you need us to drive farther, we will discuss a fair fee to do so.

We will meet anyone that is not able to drive at the Bluegrass Airport in Lexington, Kentucky. 

We are able to meet some evenings during the workweek but typically schedule to meet on Saturdays while we are off work.

We will work with you on an individual basis to find a time and location that works for all parties.

Please note, we are not able to deliver your kitten by flight to you. We also do not allow our kittens to be shipped cargo. We will work with flight nannies and couriers, only after we check their references and agree. The price of any delivery fees for that service is the responsibility of the buyer.

Pet insurance? Yay or Nay?

I'm glad you asked! We partner with Trupanion pet insurance to offer you one month of free pet insurance. To activate, I need the email address you want associated with this account within one week of your pickup date.

I also agree that you should keep insurance on your pet beyond the free month. No matter what kind of testing I perform on the parents, there are still lots of accidents and issues that could cause you thousands in vet expenses. Pet insurance is so affordable, there's no reason not to carry it.

Please note, we do not benefit financially by your willingness to participate or carry any insurance product from any company.

What products do you use?

This is a loaded question for a cattery... I use LOTS of products I love but I'll only list my favorites! 

What kind of foods do you feed?

Our adults are fed a homemade 80/10/10 raw food twice daily. They are also freely fed a mix of Life's Abundance food (you can find more info about their products on that tab), Farmina wet and dry, Earthborn wet food, and Merrick wet food.

Kittens are fed Life's Abundance dry food mixed with Farmina kitten food. They are also fed a mixture of Royal Canin kitten wet foods and goats milk.

All our cats are fed NuVet Feline supplements (you can find more information about NuVet products on that tab) mixed with their wet food twice daily.

You can purchase Life's Abundance food via our link on the LA tab of this page. All other foods mentioned can be purchased at local pet stores or online with Chewy.


My all-time favorite shampoo is sold by Life's Abundance and is called Revitalizing Shampoo. It smells amazing and leaves their coats feeling so clean! Bonus- you can also use for your dog!

Revitalizing Shampoo for Dogs and Cats: Kiwi-Mango (

Litter and pan

MacLan's kitties love Frisco Brand, unscented, clumping clay litter. You can purchase at Chewy at the link below or other participating retailers. 

FRISCO Unscented Odor Defense Clumping Clay Cat Litter, 35-lb bag -

For litter pans, we prefer the large concrete mixing tubs found at the hardware store. This is large enough to fit adult Maine Coon sizes and very affordable. They are large and come in two different sizes; either will work fine so be sure to pick a size suitable for your space.

Creative Plastic Concepts Large Mixing Tub 24-in W x 36-in L x 8-in D Drywall Mud Pan in the Drywall Mud Pans department at

What about hair care?

You will definitely need a brushing routine to stay ahead of knots once your kitten is about a year old and on. We recommend a metal tooth comb and a couple of different brushes. You will want to choose tools that are not damaging to their coats and different sizes to reach under the neck and legs. 

Do you offer breeding rights?

In short, very rarely. When we have, it is with trusted catteries that house their kings and queens in their homes, perform all the same health testing we do and share the same goals and ethics in their breeding programs. Required testing (proof required) includes genetic testing, Echocardiogram performed by a board- certified Cardiologist and hip radiographs with grading from OFA or Pawpeds. Our common goal should also be to lower COI percentages and clones.

Breed standard and why is it so important?

Breed standard is defined by the club that a cattery is registered with. Our cattery registers with TICA, The International Cat Association. Their breed standard is listed below and includes all aspects of the Maine Coon, according to the written standard. All breeders should strive to produce examples of the breed standard.

You will find a variance in the way Maine Coons look. Some feel it is European vs American but it is actually one breed, one standard (per club). Breeders over time have developed certain looks that are sometimes appealing to the eye but may not be the breeds standard or good for their health.

Breed Standards (

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