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Life's Abundance

Life's Abundace is a company whose purpose is to improve the overall wellness of family members, pets and hoomans alike! 

Life's Abundance offers several products but their All Life Stages cat foods are among my favorite! 

We feed ALL of the cats in our cattery Life's Abundance mixed 1:1 with Farmina Brand dry foods. Farmina can be purchased through participating retailers or directly from their website. You will find the link to Life's Abundance products below. 

I like that no matter the age of your cat, you don't have to worry with when to switch foods, or what kind to feed. LA is loaded with probiotic and helpful with those fussy tummies.

If you have any questions that you are not able to find on the link below, please email me and I will be more than happy to find an answer for you.

Please note that while some believe this is an MLM, I do not have anyone selling under me, I truly love the product and pay for the product to feed all of our cats. I also pay an annual and monthly fee for the easy access website to share with you that typically counters any small commission we would earn. I would never recommend a product just to earn a commission, which not much in this case. I have tried several products and found Life's Abundance is a great overall product that works for most all of our kittens.

Life's Abundance Food: About
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