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MacLan's Sunshine on a Cloudy Day aka Sunni

Sunni is a labor of love, our third generation and we couldn't be more proud of her! 

She has a beautiful black smoke coat and a personality that is unmatched. 

Sunni has passed her echocardiogram, hip grading and genetic testing.

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MacLan's Agape

Agape, meaning "unconditional love of God". This girl definitely made me search for just the right name!

Before her eyes ever opened, I would sit in the floor to watch the babies and she would smell my scent and crawl out every single time! Agape is my absolute best girl and favorite cat I have worked with.

She was born April 2020 and will retire soon. She is the mother of the most beautiful kittens! She will likely be a fixture here at MacLan's because we would miss all her daily love.

Agape is genetically clear, second generation under our roof of clear echocardiogram and hip screening. Copies provided upon request to approved applicants.

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MacLan's Easy Breezy

Breezy is a fourth generation for our cattery and another labor of love. 

Breezy is probably the most balanced and ideal Maine Coon we have raised. 

She boasts a beautiful bright silver coat and has the quirkiest personality!

Breezy has passed her echocardiogram, hip grading and genetic test. 

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Meet Our Queens: About

MacLan's Illuminate AKA Lumi

Lumi is the daughter of my favorite Queen, Agape. I can't express my excitement the night she and her sister, Ambi were born. I had worked on producing pale silvers of their kind for a couple of years and my work had finally come to fruition. Color and pattern are really not important factors, last when compared to health, standard and temperament but this was still very exciting! 

Lumi was born in 2021 and is a third generation in our cattery.

Lumi is genetically cleared (by parentage), echocardiograms and preliminary hip screening. Copies provided to approved applicants by request.

Meet Our Queens: About

Ascent Laura's Hosanna

Who doesn't love a classic look?

We wanted to bring back some of that classic Maine Coon look and hope to do that with Hosanna! She is black/brown in color and very well balanced in her features. She is an absolute snuggle bug and anytime we sit down, she is in the lap!

I hope to work with her more in early 2024.

Hosanna is genetically clear, and has passed her echocardiogram. She will have hip screening completed soon.

Meet Our Queens: About
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